Harley Reid or better known as Harley Smith is a Supervisory Special Agent (In the BAU) and a profiler

Background Edit

When Harley was 7 her mother, father and brother got into a huge fight which resulted in her mother dying and her father going to jail (he was released when she was just 28 years old) and her brother taking care of her.

When she reached up to high school she was a victim of bullying (people saying she was parentless, ugly, Fat.)

When she got the job in the FBI and the BAU everything changed for her when she met her female best friends JJ, Emily and Penelope, male best friends Morgan, Hotchner and Rossi and her love interest and husband Spencer Reid.

Personality Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

Harley has Copper Red medium length hair, tan skin, skinny body (legs, arm, stomach etc), Freckles all over her face and teal blue eyes

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1

Harley had joined the BAU